Smart travelling in Brainport

Travelling is becoming ultra-easy with our smart mobility app. Simply plan, book and pay all travel modes from one, single app. Start using shared scooters, shared cars, taxis and public transport today. Register now!

From A to Brainport

The Brainport Eindhoven region is the smartest region. Nevertheless, travelling from A to B takes more and more time. It’s busy on the road and in public transport. And there’s parking problems, day in day out … There must be smarter ways!

Brainport wouldn’t be Brainport if we couldn’t find a solution. And there are smart solutions, right now. Solutions that make your journey as fast as possible, easier and more sustainable. Just take a shared scooter for a change. Or travel by public transport, share your car, use P&R or take a shared bicycle. The TURNN app shows you the best way to travel.

This is how it works


Enter your departure and destination address and select your favourite mode of transport. Simply filter to obtain the fastest, most sustainable or cheapest journey. That’s how easy it is to choose the journey that suits you best.


Save your journey and receive notifications about your journey. That’s how you are kept up-to-date on boarding times, locations and any changes. Be ahead of surprises and always arrive on time!


Pay directly for all modes of transport by means of the TURNN app. After booking your journey the payment is transferred to the employer. Private travel is paid by iDeal, Creditcard or Paypal. Claiming expenses has become a thing of the past.


Employees want flexible travel options. Some days by public transport and on other days by means of shared bicycle or car. The TURNN mobility platform simply lets you add your mobility plan and allows your employees to choose themselves. That makes flexible travelling ultra-easy and we take care of all the paperwork.


The number of transport companies that connect to our MaaS app is increasing rapidly. Travel by means of all available modes of transport using our app. Use every possible public transport option, shared bicycles, shared cars and shared scooters. This puts an end to the range of different apps needed to book and pay. Now you only need one, single app for all your transport!
MaaS Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

About maas

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and seven regions have joined forces in developing seven nationally scalable Maas pilots. A market party – also called a MaaS provider– is developing a MaaS ¬app for each pilot. The Ministry and the seven regions have stated a number of conditions in order to qualify to become a MaaS provider.

It goes without saying that the selected party must develop an app that allows users to travel, plan, book and pay simply and carefree. Another condition is that the selected party as well as the respective transport companies will share all the data they obtained – privacy-proof of course – with one another and the government bodies involved. A condition that applies to each of the pilots is that the MAAS provider has to operate independently after a runtime of two to three years.

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