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The smart travel app by Brainport

Travelling smarter in Brainport is ultra-easy with the TURNN app. This all-in-one mobility app was developed to enable you to plan, book and pay all transport providers in the region. You no longer need to download a variety of different apps. Now there’s one, single app for all your transport options.


Multimodal travel planner

The planner that lines up all possible options in one, single journey. Choose your favourite and book your journey.

Separation between business and private

Book your journeys as home-work, business or private travel. The payment options vary per type of journey.

Keep up-to-date

The journeys you stored are kept up-to-date with regard to delays, changes and possible alternatives.

Weather and traffic

Check out the weather and traffic for your journey and decide which mode of transport you want to use.

Search in the area

View all possible modes of transport in your area. Or select your preferred mode of transport and view a list of all providers.


Use the app to buy all e-tickets for public transport. Buy them directly and use your smartphone to open the gates at the railway station!

One, single account for everything

You no longer need to create and check various accounts. Your TURNN app directly authorises you for all possible options.

Privacy by design

Determine yourself which data you want to share. Whether you only use public transport or whether you want to use all possible options, it’s up to you to select the appropriate account level and avoid unnecessary data sharing.


Sharing modalities such as a bicycle, car and scooter can be booked directly in the app. You can open and close the service straight after the payment.


Do you need any help in setting up your account or using the connected services? We are ready for you. We will help you getting started or explain how to use the service. Also when it comes to planning or paying for your smart journey, we will be most happy to assist you.

To help you get going we have collected a set of frequently asked questions. This information contains answers to your questions about the app, but also about specific providers of shared transport. And in case the information does not include the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


TURNN consists of a group of keen, smart and motivated professionals.

We are driven by the conviction that we can make the world smarter and more sustainable.

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